Faded_Heart_lower_resHeart Defects... Quickly find a complete description of any major heart defect. Each tutorial is presented with full color diagrams, illustrative animations and clinical images - perfect for patient and staff education alike.

Treatments... A full complement of surgical and interventional animations, including both new and classic procedures. These superb depictions are sure to be among your most popular teaching tools

Tutorials... In-depth, illustrated tutorials for echo, fetal echo, electrophysiology, chest x-ray, and major heart defects. Use them to make even the most complicated physiology understandable to everyone.

Image Library... Refer to hundreds of images showing all the major defects and surgeries in a variety of artistic styles. You will also find an extensive library of chest x-ray images, and there is much more to come.

Handouts... PDF documents for patients. Covers all aspects of congenital heart disease, from tests, procedures, and surgeries to medication, nutritional health and adult congenital heart issues.

Slides... Over 1,200 PowerPoint slides at your finger tips. Rely on a wealth of presentation that includes all the major defects, surgeries and interventions. Slides are available in seven languages.